The ESNcard is a must-have for every Erasmus student in Antwerp! As a member of the best international student association of Europe you get a lot of discounts from big companies such as Ryanair and Flixbus (check all the discounts here). In addition you get discounts to our own events and a free goodie bag!

The ESNcard is valid for one year, all over Europe. On you can find 890+ discounts! Every section that has an ESNcard has several discounts arranged in their city. These discounts range from museums and restaurants to movie theaters and bars.

So in short, what do you get?
• Members can join all our activities for a reduced price.
• Enjoy several promotions of our sponsors.
• Register yourself on the ESN International website and get international discounts, like a discount with Ryanair which gives you free lugage on your flight!
• Get a free goodiebag.
• Friends for life!

How to get your ESNcard? You can get your ESNcard during the ice breaking week (your university will arrange this) or at our office at the UAntwerp, room R.009. We will post our office hours each month on our socials and communicate it through our WhatsApp group. If you are an outgoing student to another university please contact the local ESN department of that city if you want to get an ESNcard or have any questions.