Hello everyone!

ESN Antwerp invites you to celebrate King Willem-Alexander's birthday in style on the 27th of April. The Amsterdam's annual celebration of their monarch's birthday is the ultimate Dutch treat. When it comes to parties, this event is the wildest 24 hours of the year. Beer will flow and songs will be heard on this joyous day. Besides this, Amsterdam is a beautiful city and certainly worth a visit once in your life. From the beautiful canals to historical buildings and shopping streets, Amsterdam has something to offer for everyone.

Why orange? The flag of the Netherlands is red, white and blue, but orange is the color of the royal family and most everyone embraces this bright, happy color, welcome after a long, gray winter. Even the flags are adorned with a mini­-flag of orange.



What? Kingsday to celebrate King Willem-Alexander's birthday on the 27th of April. 

Where? Amsterdam!

When? Friday the 27th of April at 8.15 a.m.Gathering @Paardemarkt (Antwerp)


Members: 22 euro

Non-members: 25 euro

Included? Transport by bus

Dress code? Orange.

See you there!

27/04/2018 -
08:00 to 23:30