Hey Guys! 
Now that you’re all settled in our beautiful city, it’s time to show you another side of Belgium!

We would like to take you on a daytrip to the historical significant YPRES!
Are you interested in history or culture? Do you want to take a bike tour in the wonderful nature of Flanders fields? Or do you just want to taste if the beer is as good as in Antwerp? Join us in our trip to this remarkable Belgian city!

During the First World War, Ypres was located in the centre of battles between Germany and the Allied forces. Ypres is beautiful in multiple ways: their unique squares and the ‘Vesten’. The St. Maarten Cathedral, the ‘Lakenhallen’ and all the other buildings who have been destroyed and restored with respect for their historical value.

When arriving in Ypres, we would like to take you on a bike tour through the lovely Flanders Fields. There will be multiple stops where we will be visiting trenches, military graveyards, battlefields and other remains of WWI.
After all the biking you can relax, visit the city centre and grab a beer.
In the late afternoon we’ll head to the world famous Flanders Field Museum where you can walk around freely and immerse yourself in the WWI experience guided with an interactive bracelet.
We’ll make sure you’ll have some time to go get dinner.
Before we head home, we’ll stop at the ‘Menenpoort’ to witness what is called ‘the last post’. This a short ceremony the city organises every evening at 8 o’clock to commemorate the fallen soldiers of the world war. 

PLACES ARE LIMITED, so don't hesitate to long to buy tickets for this beautiful, historical trip.

Where? The Flanders Fields and Ypres. Gathering @Paardemarkt (Antwerp)
When? 21 October from 8.30-22.00
Price? members: 29euro non-members : 35euro
Included? Transport by bus, bike tour, rental bikes, Flanders fields museum, last post.

21/10/2017 -
08:30 to 22:00