Hello Erasmus & international students!

This is like bowling but better because drinking is part of the game! 

The rules are very simple:
You drink the amount of pins still standing after you finished your turn, an example:
You throw 7 pins, on your next throw you manage to hit 2. You still have 1 pin standing, so you take one sip from your drink.

There are some special rules though:
If you throw a strike, you can order someone to finish their drink at once (called an Ad Fundum).
If you throw a spare, you can give out 10 sips to whoever you chose (you can divide it between people too!)
If you throw a split, you don't have to drink (but you can, if you want to).
The losing team divides the point difference between their players.

When? 27th of September

We meet up at GROENPLAATS at 19u00 (near the statue) so we can take the tram together!!

€12 Members | €15 Non members
Get your tickets during the Ice Breaking Week! Limited spots!

See you there

ESN Rollingsquad

27/09/2017 -
19:00 to 23:00