HELLOOOO Erasmus students!!!

ESN Antwerp is so excited to announce their first pub: the BINGO NATIONALITY PUB!!!

What is a pub, you ask? Well, pubs are basically parties we host in our favourite pub, café De Prof. Usually, they have a theme (halloween, bingo nationality,...) and of course, some amazing deals like a free keg of beer,...

The first pub this year is the Bingo Nationality Pub, this means that at the beginning of the evening everyone gets a little piece of paper with a nationality/country on it. Your goal that evening is to find someone that is from that country. For example, you have 'Canada' on your paper, so you have to find a Canadian. If you find your nationality, you will be rewarded with a free drink!

TIME: 22:00 
PLACE: Café De Prof
ACTIONS: are to be announced

Be there or be square!!!

ESN Antwerp team

23/09/2018 - 21:00
De Prof
  • Everyone is invited.