Hello Eramus & international students!

This is like bowling but better because drinking is part of the game! 

The rules are very simple:
You drink the amount of pins still standing after you finished your turn, an example:
You throw 7 pins, on your next throw you manage to hit 2. You still have 1 pin standing, so you take one sip from your drink.

There are some special rules though:
If you throw a strike, you can order someone to finish their drink at once (called an Ad Fundum).
If you throw a spare, you can give out 10 sips to whoever you chose (you can divide it between people too!)
If you throw a split, you don't have to drink (but you can, if you want to).
The losing team divides the point difference between their players.

When? Wednesday 26th of September

Where? At 19:00 at Antwerp Bowling so we can start on time. Don't know your way? Meet us at Groenplaats at 18:30 and we'll go together.

Price? €12 for members, €15 for non-members. Tickets are for sale online (https://www.tickettailor.com/events/esnantwerp/196036/and at our Ice Breaking Week and presentations.

SOLD OUT = SOLD OUT so hurry to get your tickets!

See you there

ESN Rollingsquad

26/09/2018 - 19:00
Antwerp Bowling
€12 (€15 without ESNcard)