We have a buddy system to link local students to exchange students. 

You can register here: The Buddy Program for the 1st semester is online!

For ERASMUS students click here

For LOCAL students click here

There’s a lot to gain here for both local students and exchange students.

Advantages for local students:

  • It is the ideal way to make contact with new people and new cultures.        
  • You will be part of an 'international atmosphere' (not to mention they've got great parties as well!)
  • International contacts, it’s always nice to have friends abroad you could visit.
  • And hopefully much, much more…

 Now, being an exchange student, what is in it for you?

  • You have a first contact in a foreign country.
  • You can integrate more easily with local students and our culture.
  • Inside knowledge, ranging from:  the ‘where’s and ‘how’s of Antwerp to ‘what to expect on what exams’.
  • And hopefully much, much more…

So, if you are interested in meeting new people, don’t hesitate and register right away!