ESN Antwerp, short for Erasmus Student Network, is a very lively organisation of motivated international minded students from different universities and “hogescholen” in Antwerp. Most of us, like yourself, have been on an exchange programme abroad. We are convinced that the social part of such an exchange is at least as important as the studying part of your stay in Belgium. We also try to provide you with any help or information you will need that is not related to your academic work.

Our main goal is to make sure that all international students get to know each other as well as Belgian students. Therefore we have arranged an ice-breaking week, an introduction weekend, sightseeing trips, professional opportunities, cultural events,… and last but certainly not least: a lot of parties!


President: Tom Ceulemans -
Our president is the one that keeps an eye on everything.

Before his erasmus experience in Lund, Sweden, Tom already lived for 3 years in Washington D.C. where he went to an international school. This was the first time he realised how fantastic it is to meet new people, and to learn about different cultures, from all over the world. His desire to learn from other people has only increased since his erasmus experience in Lund, Sweden, where he also realized the importance of the role of ESN. Tom joined ESN because he wants to give you the best erasmus experience. Currently, Tom is doing a Master after Master Financial Law. His biggest dream is to combine living in different countries with his carreer in law.

Aside of leading and studying, Tom is always up to meet people and have a chat about anything. Since his stay in the US, his biggest love is the Baltimore Ravens and American football in general. So if you want to watch games and the superbowl, he is definitely up to join you (even in the middle of the night)!


Vice President: Enzo Marquet -
Our vice president is the right hand of our president.

While Enzo hasn't been on Erasmus yet he's planning on when/where he can go next year. His passions include (but are certainly not limited to) partying, drinking, fitness, pretending he is intelligent and any outdoor activity. Locked away in his room he furiously studies for his Masters of Law, but set him free and he's the first one to party. Give him some Sambuca and he will instantly like you, a lot. Don't know what Sambuca is? Ask him and find out!


Treasurer: Julia Overeem -
Our treasurer ('Quaestor') has the control over all of our finances. She promised the ESN team that she will protect our money with her life. 

How to describe Julia… Anything you do with her turns into a memorable adventure, that’s for sure! She’s the most adventurous and spontaneous girl out there and you can definitely laugh with her. Her favourite activity in the world would probably be travelling and exploring the world, so if you’re looking for a travel buddy to go somewhere, she will probably always try to find a way to go with you. Same for going to a party; she will never say no to one of those and when you go, she will be the one in the middle of the dancefloor showing off her silly dance moves: the dancefloor is where Julia goes WILD.

But other than that she is also one of the best people to go to for support or advice. She’ll be whatever you need her to be, whether it is someone who’s just there for you to give you hugs and support (she can be super sweet!) or someone who just tells you straightforward what they think about the matter; she will always be honest and her advice can really help with deciding what to do about something.

Julia comes from the Netherlands, but she has been carrying Belgium in a special place in her heart ever since she moved here to go to university. Don’t tell her friends in the Netherlands, but she secretly likes Belgium more ;)  another special place in her heart is filled by her beautiful Erasmus city Seville, Andalusia, Spain, where she lived for a year. To avoid the well-known post Erasmus depression she decided to become part of the ESN Antwerp team this year to keep in touch with other cultures. Since she’s not from Belgium either, it will be like Eramus all over again for her!


Party Planner: Aagje Lemmens -
Guess what she does?                                                                                   YES! YES! Party!!

Aagje has a passion for travelling. She visited Costa Rica and Barcelona with the EF-program and has just returned from Cuba in July. She studies Spanish and English at the Arts department of the University of Antwerp. She is hard-working and dedicated, but also a huge party animal.

She is a positive thinker with a contagious smile. She really knows how to party, although she usually peaks during pre-drinks. If it were socially acceptable, she would take a bottle of apple jenever everywhere she goes. You will have to forgive her for her terrible taste in music because even when she isn’t drunk, you will hear “I bless the rains down in Africa” at least twice a night.


Party Planner: Tessa Jansoone -
Guess what she does?                                                                                   YES! YES! Party!!

Describing Tessa is like describing one little flame of energy, a ray of sunshine if you will. She’s the one that will not only make you GO to a party even though you’re not feeling like going out, but also makes you like it, a lot! During her Erasmus in Lisbon she would make sure that everyone had a lot of fun, it doesn’t matter if there are just two or a whole bunch of people, either formula would make for a great night out! A perfect party planner as you could say, because she knows how a perfect night should go, and she won't say no to a glass of alcohol! She's also a very nice person and has a big heart for animals. This vegetarian girl loves to travel and even did voluntary work with animals in Spain. Besides Dutch and English she also speaks quite a bit of Portuguese because of her studies in Applied Linguistics. After her own Erasmus exchange and when the Erasmus blues had faded, she decided to join ESN Antwerp to try and make sure others would have the same amazing experience she had. If you're in for a good laugh, do get to know her a little better and spend some time with this pearl!


Culture: Naomi Cotteleer -
Our culture person organises the best and wildest cultural activities for you.

Naomi is one of the sweetest, caring and most fun people you’ll get to know. She went on Erasmus to Oviedo, Spain and she wanted to find a way to continue this special Erasmus vibe in Belgium. Studying law and living in Antwerp herself, you can be sure that she knows the most interesting, surprising and fun spots of the city.

Aside of studying, Naomi is always in for some fun with her friends AND of course to make new friends. She is always there for you, whether it is to give you advice, have serious talks, act crazy and dance all night long or laugh your pants off together.


Culture: Olisa Devos -
Our culture person organises the best and wildest cultural activities for you.

The name of this smiling curly head is Olisa, but she loves it when people call her Oli. You could say she’s multicultural: roots in Congo, born in Belgium, raised in Spain, exchanged in Montréal and travelled all around. She speaks Dutch, English, French, Spanish and a little German so say hi in whichever!

She keeps herself busy by laughing a lot, eating, sleeping and walking around in city landscapes. And of course watching popular TV shows and movies (big fan of Suits, OITNB, Breaking Bad and the Coen brothers to name a few).

Some people would describe her as a hipster and maybe that’s true. She just loves vintage and chai lattes with almond milk… she can’t help it. 


Public Relations: Joke Lemaire -
Our PR-expert keeps up the relations with our sponsors and supporters.

Joke is the most enthusiastic, social and sweet person ever. She also says what she thinks, so you immediately know what you get. Crazy and enthusiastic should do it for now.

When Joke graduated from high school, her life took a whole other turn when she decided to go study in Denmark in the small student city Kolding. ( yes indeed, Copenhagen Is not the only city in Denmark where you can go to!) There she studied “International business management-marketing” for a semester.

When she returned to Antwerp everything seemed back to normal, but she couldn’t and wouldn’t forget her amazing international experience. She wanted to relive this wonderful time abroad. Without a doubt, there is no better place to do that than to join ESN. So the second semester ESN Antwerp  welcomed  her in their group to heal her post-Erasmus Syndrome.

This year she decided to join the awesome ESN Antwerp crew to make sure everybody will have an amazing time abroad, just as her. As public relations she has got the pleasure to work together with Florence, which makes them the perfect team to make it all unforgettable.

Joke’s function may be ‘public relations’ but I think she also likes to fulfil the tasks of ‘personal relations’. So if you ever feel down, she can fill hours just by talking and you will immediately cheer up because of her enthusiasm! 


Public Relations: Florence Van den Bergh-
Our PR-expert keeps up the relations with our sponsors and supporters. 

Florence will be one of your PR-experts at ESN. She really aspires to go to beautiful Bologna with Erasmus someday, and in the meantime she’s ready to guide you and make your stay in Antwerp unforgettable! Florence loves to dance her ass off with her friends and she sure will introduce you to her favourite Belgian beer, Duvel. You will have a great friend in Florence: not only is she the most fun party animal to go out with, she will also be there for friends in need and will always brighten up your day with her radiant smile. Don’t hesitate to ask her anything if you have lost your way around in Antwerp, whether you’re looking for a bar, a trendy concept store or a cosy restaurant. She’s always ready to help!

Apart from studying Law, Florence spends her days and nights swimming, studying Italian, dancing in a bar and binge-watching television series every now and then. She loves to stroll around and discover new places, not only in Antwerp but also abroad. Florence also enjoys some quality time with her cats and her family. She’s already heavily looking forward to meeting all of you and making new friends from all over the world!


Sports: Dennis Van de Weerd -
Our sportsman organises the best and wildest sport activities for you.

When Dennis is playing sports, he turns out to be a pure bred competitor. Although a tirant on the fields and courts, he likes to fool around and have fun, and most importantly: to let others have fun too! Both on and off the court Dennis will do his very best to help you out with questions and problems. In his Bachelor in History he went on Erasmus to beautiful Venice and was triggered by the enthusiasm of the local ESN Venezia team. That is a big inspiration to be an ESN member as good as he can be in his hometown Antwerp. Currently having finished his Master studies in History, Dennis likes to broaden his horizon and continue in more international spheres, preferably diplomacy. Anyway, enough big words and information about him, if you’re up to shoot some hoops, have a drink or whatever you want, be sure to ring his bell!


Sports: Charlotte Godfroid -
Our sportswoman organises the best and wildest sport activities for you.

After her Erasmus experience in Finland, Charlotte is motivated to welcome international students in Antwerp. She describes her time abroad as the time of her life and unforgettable. Now she would love to give the same feeling to international students who are coming to Antwerp.

Thanks to her open-mindedness, enthousiasm and experiences abroad she is cut out to be part of the ESN team. Charlotte is also very competitive and a strong team-player, that’s why she will be responsible for everything concerning sports together with Dennis. 


Media: Tamara Moeneclaey -
Our media controls the ESN website, facebook and our mails. She also takes photos during the activities.

Tamara (or Tami) is a friendly girl and she likes to be positive in life. She rrreally luuuuves travelling, discovering new places, learning new languages and meeting new friendly people. She will study Sciences of Communication at the University of Antwerp. Her Erasmus experience in Bordeaux was GREAT and that's why she wants to continue having this great feeling! At first sight she may look shy/behave normal, but you will soon discover she is absolutely CRAZY. She loves dancing and just laughing about nothing. We went through so many things which I am really proud to experience with her. Her sparkling smile and always positive attitude taught me to see small nice things in life. I will always be grateful for that. Our memories will warm my heart forever.  ♡


Media: Pieter Dedeurwaerder -
Our media controls the ESN website, facebook and our mails. He also takes photos during the activities.

Pieter hasn’t been on Erasmus yet. His Erasmus is planned for next year. He hasn’t chosen a destination yet, so if you think your country or city is awesome.. tell him! He’s a very social, energetic person and he loves to make new friends. Because he is Media, you will see him a lot at all the Erasmus activities with his camera. So if you see him and his camera, strike a beautiful pose or ask for a nice selfie.. These photos will be an awesome memory of an awesome time in Antwerp! 


Cantor: Enzo Marquet -
Our cantor is the biggest entertainer. He leads the songs at the ESN-cantus!

Wait, this guy again?! Indeed, he also organises the most epic cantusses there are! It's a combination of singing, drinking and partying all at once. Want to know more about this handsome guy? Look above!!


Secretary-Mobility: Paul Kardoulakis -

The secretary-mobility is our mutual agenda: he makes meeting reports, keeps track of our agenda,... he also covers any mobility related project like the Buddy System and Uni-Cycle.

Just like the previous secretary Nathalie, I joined ESN Antwerp after a marvelous Erasmus period in Padova, Italy. As the secretary-mobility person I will try to find a buddy for every Erasmus student who is hopefully as fascinating as the buddy I had in Padova, Cherif. He left his country Cameroon five years ago to study local development so he could return one day to his hometown and apply what he learnt. Cherif played the buddy for 17 Erasmus students and had a special preference for Croatian Erasmus girls…
He did his Erasmus last semester in Brussels and experienced a lot of things which you will experience here in Antwerp. Oh did I already tell you that my buddy Cherif is a 48 years old man???

Having a bike as a student is as a matter of course. One of the reasons why I was interested in the function of secretary-mobility for ESN Antwerp, was because I was curious to know how an Erasmus student can get a cheap bike.

Because I went in Padova to the “bike park”. The salesmen were people from all kind of origins but without any residence permit selling you a bike which they had stolen the night before. This is an open secret in Padova. They advised you then to buy a lock in the Chinese shop not far from the park. Within 5 months I lost 4 bikes. One I got lost during a drunk night but the others got stolen in front of my apartment and the day after that my third bike got stolen, I saw another Erasmus student cycling with it in the city center...

But Uni-Cycle is of course a good legal alternative ;)

I’m hungry about your stories being here on Erasmus in Antwerp!