ESN Antwerp, short for Erasmus Student Network, is a very lively organisation of motivated international minded students from different universities and “hogescholen” in Antwerp. Most of us, like yourself, have been on an exchange programme abroad. We are convinced that the social part of such an exchange is at least as important as the studying part of your stay in Belgium. We also try to provide you with any help or information you will need that is not related to your academic work.

Our main goal is to make sure that all international students get to know each other as well as Belgian students. Therefore we have arranged an ice-breaking week, an introduction weekend, sightseeing trips, professional opportunities, cultural events,… and last but certainly not least: a lot of parties!


President: Joke Van Houwenis -
Our president is the one that keeps an eye on everything.


Hi, my name is Joke and I’ll be your president for this year!

After living 5 months in South-Africa as sort of a ‘gapyear’ and going on Erasmus to Nantes (France), I decided that I wanted to continue this experience in my home city, Antwerp.
I’m a very social, optimistic and enthusiast person. It’s very easy to make me happy and once I start talking it won’t be easy to make me stop. In daily life I’m quite decent, but when alcohol is involved, the shame is lost.
Further I have a big passion for food. My biggest love are deserts and hot chocolate milk. The weirdest thing about me is that I’m Belgian and not really a fan of beers. But I’m always up for another drink and of course for a dance or just a friendly conversation.

1.What is your spirit animal? Eagle

2.If you could go anywhere right now where would you go? South-Africa

3.What’s on your bucket list? Skydiving

4.Best karaoke song? ABBA – Mamma Mia

5.What’s your secret talent? Moving of nose wings

6.If I could have a superpower? I would be able to teleport myself

7.If I could travel in time, I would…? Live again in South-Africa


Vice President & Local representative: Jorn Van der Linden -
Our vice president is the right hand of our president.


I will be the vice-president and local representative for ESN Antwerp next year. I will be the person who is the right hand of the president, but also the one who will represent ESN Antwerp at meeting for ESN Belgium and ESN International.

I went for erasmus to the beautiful city of Prague. It was an eye-opening experience for me. I fell in love with it and I wanted to give the erasmus students in Antwerp the same experience as I had in Prague.

I will study urban planning next year at the University of Antwerp. I’m also trying to play tennis back at my old level (I played it in my youth but barely played when I left high school).

I hope to see you at one of our events so be prepared!!!

1.What is your spirit animal? A bear

2.If you could go anywhere right now where would you go? Amazon rainforest (before it’s too late ☹)

3.What’s on your bucket list? To meet the aliens in ‘area 51’

4.Best karaoke song? The Rembrandts – I’ll be there for you (friends theme song)

5.What’s your secret talent? I can juggle with three balls (!!!!!!) 

6.If I could have a superpower? To pass my exams without studying (first world problems )

7.If I could travel in time, I would…?  Travel back to the time I was on erasmus myself 




Party Planner: Ashley Krawczyk Efonye -
Guess what she does?                                                                                   YES! YES! Party!!

Hey I'm Ashley and I'm a cultural mix of Nigerian Polish and Dutch. I'm a very social person and I love meeting new people from different countries and cultures, this is also one of the reasons why I joined ESN. I also love to cook, go to the gym and go out for some cocktails so if you're in the mood for a cocktail, food, a gym session or just want chat a bit, just let me know. I can speak English, French and of course Dutch and a little bit Spanish. Diarra and I will be your partyplanners for this year and we can't wait to see you all get loose on the dancefloor.

Party Planner: Diarra Cissoko-
Guess what she does?                                                                                   YES! YES! Party!!

Hej there peeps, my name is Diarra but there’s a big chance I won’t respond to that since I’m more used to Didi these days (only my mum still calls me by my full name). So hi, my name is Didi. Together with Ashley we’ll be planning all the parties for you this year that you will never forget or never remember... whatever floats your boat. I’ve always been a big fan of foreign cultures and languages so last year I decided to take a leap of faith and jump into my own Erasmus adventure to Umeå, Sweden. After spending 6 months in what felt like the north pole, I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to my international adventure just yet. And so long story short, I decided to join the ESN-team. If I’m not on the dancefloor you can find me playing with my dog, watching Netflix or on wheels since my hobby is artistic rollerskating (it’s like figure skating but on wheels) If you wanna know more about me or just feel like chatting? Don’t hesitate to hit me up in The Prof or any of the ESN events. See ya!

Culture: Ineke -
Our culture person organises the best and wildest cultural activities for you.

Ineke just came back from a year abroad in Munich and loved it so much that she wants to continue meeting new people with different cultures from all over the world. She experienced an international vibe of friendliness and craziness in Munich and wants to extend this in Antwerp. As an architecture student, she loves travelling, discovering cities and unknown small villages and exploring the local architecture styles. She is very open minded and in her opinion culture doesn't have to be boring at all. For her, the perfect combination for any trip would be a museum, theatre, or a special place and end the day with a drink as well as start the next day with a good party. Show her your best dancemoves! Ineke is very easy going and helpful, so if you need tips in Antwerp or anywhere else in Belgium, she will help you with a smile. She is always happy to let you taste the belgian treasures, or to grab a beer or two :)

Culture: Charlotte Vermeijen-

Our culture person organises the best and wildest cultural activities for you.

Charlotte loves to travel and explore the world. She just had the time of her life in Ljubljana and hopes to live, work and study abroad again very soon. Because she missed being on Erasmus so much, she wanted to immerse herself in the Erasmus life in Antwerp and decided to join ESN.

Charlotte loves to read, binge-watch the best series on Netflix and go on trips around the country and Antwerp. She will make sure you find your way in Antwerp and can always tell where to go for good food and what to do when you need some culture.

Charlotte had just finished studying linguistics and literature for English and theatre-, film- and literature and next year she will start studying history. She is hard-working and considers the library her second home during exams. But she also knows how to relax, try her hand at all sorts of baking recipes and party like crazy!

Sports: Zoe Nevelsteen -
Our sportswoman organises the best and wildest sport activities for you.

Hey! I am studying law at the university of Antwerp. Last year I did my exchange in Wallonia where I got to know ESN. They organised all sorts of activities and thanks to them, I came in contact with some amazing people. I hope students who come to Antwerp will enjoy their Erasmus experience as much as I did! I practice judo and I like all kinds of sports. Besides this, I enjoy watching a good movie, having interesting conversations and I'm always up to a good party!

Sports & Finance: Sam Vandekeybus - &
Our sportsman organises the best and wildest sport activities for you.

Hi I’m Sam. I’m 23 years old and I love sports and parties. I’m in my master for commercial engineer and went on Erasmus to Barcelona last year. I couldn’t get enough of the Erasmus atmosphere and I was very thankful for ESN to make my experience in Barcelona incredibly awesome so I decided to join ESN and try to give international students in Antwerp an evenly amazing time.

I’m a social, sporty and optimistic guy that is always up for a beer or two (especially after sports)! And of course partying is also very important as a student so you’ll be finding me at parties without question.

Media: Bo Willems -
Our media control the ESN website, facebook and our mails. They also takes photos during the activities.

Hi all! My name is Bo and together with Lies I take care of making sure you know where all the places to be are. I love to travel and discover new places, which is why I went on Erasmus multiple times myself! To combat the withdrawl symptoms from Erasmus I decided to join ESN; to give people the amazing Erasmus experience that I had.

Though I can be a bit quiet and lost in my thoughts, I am always up for a chat and a good laugh! When I am not doing things for ESN you can find me in the design faculty working on getting my master in Urbanism degree.

Media: Lies Verhaegen -
Our media control the ESN website, facebook and our mails. They also takes photos during the activities.

Heya people! My name is Lies, and let’s just not talk about the pronunciation (please). Together with Bo I will be taking care of the social media and the pictures! WOOHOO! So watch out cause I earned my nickname “GIF Queen” somewhere! 

I love photography, drawing basically anything art, which is why I study Visual Arts.  I am an enthusiastic and happy person, so you’ll rarely see me without a smile on my face 

Last year I had the most amazing time during my Erasmus exchange to Oslo, Norway. So to cure the post-Erasmus depression I decided to join ESN Antwerp and the rest is history! So don't hesitate to come and talk to me. *translations available in Dutch, English, French, (bad) German and ( even worse) Norwegian*

Public Relations & Finance: Anouk Maes - &

Our PR-expert keeps up the relations with our sponsors and supporters.

I’m currently doing my master’s in Finance, while last year I had the opportunity to study abroad. I went on Erasmus to Sevilla (Spain) and it was life changing. I loved the culture, the food and of course the parties. Thanks to ESN Sevilla, I had the chance to make international friends and had the best experience I could wish for. That’s why I’m determined to continue my experience in ESN Antwerp.

I’m a social, assertive, driven and self-conscious girl that loves meeting new people. I’m really interested in their culture, way of living…just everything. Also, I’m as they say in Dutch ‘a listening ear’. So, if you have any problems or questions, don’t hesitate to approach me.

Last but not least, I’m definitely a party animal. So, you will find me at the ESN parties on the dancefloor trying to create a nice atmosphere. If you want to make a chat with me, bring me some beer or wine and we will get along fine. 

Secretary-Mobility & Public relations: Quinten Antonis - &

The secretary-mobility is our mutual agenda: He makes meeting reports, keeps track of our agenda,... He also covers any mobility related project like the Buddy System and Uni-Cycle.
Our PR-expert keeps up the relations with our sponsors and supporters.

Hello! Last year I studied in Wallonia, the french-speaking part of Belgium, a very special place where I got to meet a lot of international students! Thanks to ESN I got an amazing Erasmus experience and I’d love to make your Erasmus experience even better! I’m a very calm person but always willing to help! I really enjoy good food and music! If you ever need some help or a good conversation (with good food), I will be there! 

Cantor: Tom Simmilon
Our cantor is the biggest entertainer. She leads the songs at the ESN-cantus!

A man with the ambition to change the world. To offset all seriousness, Tom loves to make a fool of himself dancing without any concept of rhythm. Pretty sure his rain dances cause droughts. A journey is measured in new friends rather than miles, he said while staring at his empty wallet. No, Tom has not yet been on Erasmus. Nevertheless, he loves to travel and learn from other cultures. Like Popeye has his spinach, Tom has tequila to get his party started. So up for a good talk, give it a shot! (It being Tom). As a cantor, he will be leading our 'Cantus', one of the most famous and popular events of ESN Antwerp.